How *not* to take ICND....

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I've never been known for my patience, and I've been bored with the Cisco Network Academy curriculum for a good long while.

So today, I decided to go register for ICND. And since they had a slot open for today, I went ahead and took it, didn't bother to study ahead of time.

Scored 886. Fortunetly, I only needed an 849 to pass.

While I would normally be disappointed in such a low score from myself, the fact that I walked in cold turkey without even finishing the curriculum mitigates it in my book.

41 questions, an hour to complete, took me around 30 mins.

Fortunetly, this exam did present something of a challenge, unlike INTRO. I would have easily popped into the 900's if I'd done a bit of cramming, but since it's an all or nothing pass/fail, I honestly don't care that much about my score as long as it passes.

As for the content of the exam itself, all I'll say is that there was a good bit more on OSPF in single area configuration than I was expecting.

I only received one router sim, which surprised me, but it was on something I didn't expect. It was something of a bear, and I suspect that's why I only received one, I'll bet it was weighted nice and heavy.

Thankfully, all the help commands in the sim work properly. Remember that when you sit down for the exam, they're helpful. Also make sure to test your configuration using the other routers in the sim before you move on to the next question.

All in all, CCNA wasn't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated.

On to BSCI!
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    Congratulations with the new cert!
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    icon_eek.gif Bravo!!!!
    Your feedback is very tempting. icon_lol.gif
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    A pass is pass ! 849 is a high pass mark anyway (85%) so congrats.
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    There is a strange amount of OSPF on the exam, that's for sure. You think they'd push their own protocols like EIGRP more.

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    Yeah, I can't really see the point of pushing OSPF in a single area configuration. Since CCNA is supposed to be certification of your ability to handle small networks, seems like you'd choose an easier routing protocol. But then having to know at least the fundamentals of OSPF for even the entry level exam is pretty good groundwork for CCNP. I may complain about the Cisco Academy a bit, but I think it is a valuable teaching tool. For the CCNA at least, it overprepares you, that's why I didn't wait to finish the curriculum before taking the exam. But that'll help for the next step up.
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    congrat... :D
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    Congratulations !! :D
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