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Hi everybody,

Look everybody, i have made Network+ & A+ Core Hardware, and what i saw thats its better if you have your Network+ certification knowledge first and then A+ Core. ( this is for people who know a little about the basic like install a NIC, etc ).
This is why i am saying that :
On the exam of A+core I got almost 15-20 questions about Networks. and that the Network+ helped me with my A+ core to score better. On the Network+ exam u get Network+ better so you know more about networks. So after Network+ means you can answer almost all the 15-20 questions of A+ core so you can concentrate more on the rest of the questions (60-65), thus more changes to succeed.

Like I did Network+ first then A+

Everybody this is only MY OPINION

Maybe people that did these two NETWORK+ & A+ should maybe understand this.

Am I right Or Wrong

Thanx for reading and waiting for suggestions

Thanx in Advance



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    mobri09mobri09 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    That's the path i took and it worked out great like you said. I always wanted to post that but i never got around to it. Everything you mentioned is right on the money!
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    I don't remember the particulars anymore, but I did mine A+ and then Network+, but I did note while doing the Network+ study that I had already learned a lot of it in A+ studies. So, there is probably a 40% or so overlap in the two--as far as networking knowledge is concerned(IMHO). I would say that you have a somewhat valid point.
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    Mrock4Mrock4 Banned Posts: 2,359 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I'm currently studying for my A+, and had already planned to study for the Net+, so I had purchased a book for that as well. I have been relying mostly on the A+ book, but some review of the Net+ book seems to definently help out. Perhaps it's because the two are in a different format or whatever, but regardless, there's definently some overlap. Maybe because I am fairly new to networking, it seems the Net+ would be a much harder test for me to take than the A+ now.
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    cliffjag1987cliffjag1987 Member Posts: 206
    This is how i did it.

    I heard on tv that there was A+ course and i thought it will be easy because i know computers. After this course i wasn't even thinking about taking the international exam from Comptia because i was affraid. After 1 month i tought about other certifications, So then i was informing for courses & then i found Network+ course. So i followed the network+ course. After the course was done i said to myself let me make the exam of Network+ & for sure I passed. That moment i was very happy. Than later i found this forum and saw you get many questions on networking, so then i began studying again for my A+. I studied A+ Hardware first and the chapter where i found networking fundementals i didn't even studied because i know my network+. So then i made my A+ Hardware exam and passed for sure because i couldn't believe that there were so many network questions.

    So then i came to a conclussion that the network+ helps you alot with the A+ Hardware.
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    rcooprcoop Member Posts: 183
    There are a lot of (good, normal, expected, etc...) overlaps within the computer industry and IT job roles, and this is definitely reflected on the vendor-neutral certification exams... especially for CompTIA, as they have so many exams and designations at the foundation level.

    If you have no trouble with the A+ Hardware or the Net+, I would say an easy next step (maybe even the next after A+ and a lot of time using the Internet) is CompTIA's i-Net+. Plenty of overlap with A+, and if you've taken the Net+, you'll only be tested on the 4 layer TCP/IP model and ports, little, if any OSI related questions. Thus the networking part of i-Net+, is a few sections of Net+... plus you also get some of the Security+ sections as well. If you've studied and passed Net+ and Sec+, then you've probably got i-Net+ 80% done.

    I'm not sure it's value in the industry, and at the same cost as Net+ and Server+, it's still not the bargain your favorite MCP exam is, but it might be that stepping stone that give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle the Net+ or Security+ next.

    I once saw an overlap grid for the test, I believe came from CompTIA (b ut I might have been mistaken), that described the overlap in knowlege and tested areas you describe. I'm currently studying for CompTIA's CDIA+ exam, and I already see the Net+ and Server+ overlaps, although minor to the overall subject matter, it is still saving me study time, and concentrating on those areas I don't have as much experience with.

    Take Care,
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