A Few Questions...

sleemiesleemie Member Posts: 109
1. I'm going to be moving in to an organization that uses the Cisco ASAs, 5510 and 5550. Will the training you gain from studying for this cert apply to what you do on those units or is it something different?

2. In terms of preparation, can you get away with like one good book and GNS3 and some free labs? I hate to have to get that expensive stuff like Train or CBT or Trancsender. I mean you can pretty much do the base CCNA with one book and a good sim and some extra labs.

3. Is GNS3 user friendly and fairly easy set up and use? There's one sim I've heard is kinda tough, I think dynamips.

4. What's the book of choice for this test?


Edit: Oh, I knew I forgot something. Does this test count for one of the four CCNP tests?


  • hodgey87hodgey87 Member Posts: 232
    1. You dont really cover much on the ASA's for CCNA:Security its mainly an entry level view to network security i.e. locking down routers and switches etc

    2. I use the the CCNA:Security official exam guide from Cisco press that covers all you need. I really would recommend the CBT nuggets though I learn more from them than i do books.

    3. I'm also using GNS3 at the moment aswell, its really easy to setup and theres loads of tutorials out there if you get stuck.

    4. As above

    This exam doesn't count towards any of the CCNP but this is the prerequisite for the CCSP if you go that route.

    Cheers :)
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