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I've just passed my 70-270, and have now started my 70-291.
the question I have is there a more up to date path to an mcse, I'm thinking how relevant is it to learn about terminal services and 2003 today?
The XP module had a fair amount of information about configuring modems and upgrading from 95,98 & NT which seems virtually obsolete today.


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    Well 70-291 is one of the core exams. In other words it's a "must take" for a 2003 MCSA/MCSE. As far as some of the electives you could choose a more up to date exam such as 70-680 (Windows 7), which a lot of people are going that route. But you'll always see older technologies used in newer microsoft exam scenarios. They do that to ensure you understand it's compatibilities with the new technology. Such as 70-290 (Windows Server 2003) exam, there is a descent amount of information to know about Windows 2000 and NT Server and how they effect objects across a domain when you have Windows 2003 servers. And of course as you stated what you've experienced taking 70-270 (Windows XP) seeing a lot of Windows 95 98 NT upgrading and stuff. But it's all necessary to learn. It'll still be years before most enterprise companies upgrade their Windows Technologies to things such as Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. You'd be surprised how many companies around the world still using client OS's previous to Windows XP and server OS's running and previous to Windows 2000 server. So to answer your question, 2003 as well as Terminal Services is still very valuable and will continue to be for quite some time.
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