70-659: Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtualization Beta Exam registration



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    astorrs wrote: »
    Yeah but good data isn't a bunch of people, many of which would never in a million years meet minimally qualified candidate status...

    Then don't open the exam at Midnight Eastern time. That was my problem with the Windows 7 beta - I went in to work at 7:30 on a Monday morning and was shocked when the exam was full. I eventually got in, though, and yeah I whined about it.

    Why not noon on Monday? Why should I have to camp out like it's Black Friday just to get in to a beta exam? Do they assume we cert addicts have no social life and are up late studying anyway?

    Full disclosure - I did not register for the 659 beta and I have no intention of taking the test in the published form since I have already passed the 652 and that counts for the MCITP:VA as well.
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    Hyper-Me wrote: »
    Actually that is the point...gather psychometric data to make the exam better, or at least as good as it can be for the topic being tested.

    They want to give SME's first dibs but complain because they want diversity. Which is it?

    I think this is actually an issue with the term SME. You can register as a SME without being an actual expert in the topic. I have very little real world experience with Hyper-V. I have rolled it out for one small business to virtulize 2 Linux servers and one Windows server but I have used it extensively at home. I think that is the kind of experience they are looking for on the low end. JMO... So we cannot really assume that every person registered as a SME has the same level of experience and qualifications. I am registered as a SQL Server and SharePoint SME but I do not think that I qualify as an expert in either of those areas either and I work with them on a daily basis from both a developmental and an admin perspective.
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