Apple Certification - benefits to a company

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hi guys.

i was wondering - after doing my ACSP, apart from the obvious benefits it gives me... what benefits does it give to the business.

im also an MCSE so know the benefits this can give when associated to a company, in-fact my employer is MS gold due to myself and a number of other engineers.

it seems apple doesnt make it very clear. - especially in the uk.

does anyone know the prerequisites to the apple solution expert status or what your employer can advertise due to my certification etc



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    Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    There really arent that many apple consulting companies around the southeast US...at least I havnt come across them.

    We mainly deal with Apple itself when doing presales or engineering stuff, but I've found that even their own employees arent as knowledgeable as one would think they would be. Its fairly disappointing.

    The only "value" ive seen an apple cert add to our company is that apple requires our techs to be ACMTs to be able to order and replace parts under warranty.
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