Resume to the top?

Saw this for a job advertisement and was curious if DBA's or Sys Admins thought these were reasonable questions to answer in order to get your resume to the top of the pile. Just an FYI, I have no interest in this job, was just wondering......

1. SQL: Given a table called EmailAddresses and the columns ID (int) and EmailAddress (varchar(100)), write a SQL SELECT statement that retrieves all email addresses that occur more than twice in the table.

2. SQL: Given a table called Data with one single column ID, assume that there are ten rows in the table, with ID=1, ID=2, ID=3, and so on up to ID=10. Write a SQL SELECT statement that retrieves all of the IDs, but in an order such that the row with ID=5 is the first row returned. The order of the other nine rows does not matter.

3. DNS/SPF/SenderID: Determine if the IP Address is allowed to send email "from" Explain why or why not.

Also in the advertisement: "All applications will be read. Based on historical statistics, 95% will be discarded for not following the directions. Out of the remaining 5%, only 1/5 will answer all three questions correctly. So the 1% of all applicants that follow directions and answer the questions correctly will be invited to participate in a 15 minute phone call. A select number of those candidates will then be invited to participate in a 3-4 hour technical test, done remotely with virtual meeting software. And lastly, the final candidates will be invited to meet me in person for the final interview in.......(City)
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