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Dear All,

In EGBP example referenced JNCIP book page 534, why we are using command?

set routing-options generate route 10/8

When i have used set routing options aggregate route then i have lost the bgp session with R3 and R4. Then as per book i have removed aggregate route from R1 and applied to R3 to make the bgp session working again.

I cannot able to understand the generate route then used on R1 but when i use it, bgp sessions down again.

Adeel Ahmed


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    This is a tough one that doesn't always work how the book describes. What's supposed to happen when you set a generate route for the 10/8 route generate route gets the next hop of the primary contributing route. This primary route "should" point back towards R3 or R4, depending on how you have your lab setup it may not though.

    I would definitely recommend focusing on applying the aggregate route on R3 like you did though. This seems to make more sense in my mind since R3 is closer to the core of your network.

    When I studied this part of the test I would apply the aggregate route on R5 since it is deeper into the core then any other router.

    Fun stuff! :D
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