Route Filtering Understanding

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Dear All,

Can anyone validate to what i am thinking regarding below mentioned points on page 525 in JNCIP book?

1) Advertise customer route to all EBGP peers

Means routes coming from EGBP session C1 and C2 should be accessible for all AS containing P1, T1 and T2 also C1 accessible to C2 and vice versa

2) Advertise transit and peers routes to all customers

Means that routes coming from T1, T2 and P1 should be accessible or present in C1 and C2.

3) Advertise peer routes to transit providers

Means P1 routes should be present in T1 and T2

Please validate the statement if there is something i am missing in my concept, can anyone guide what is the correct concept?

Adeel Ahmed


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