Multiple scopes on single network

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This isn't really an exam question but a real-life situation which has me questioning my networking knowledge.

Where I work we have a subnet with subnet mast, Default Gateway giving us 1024 hosts. This subnet is issued to us by the firm who installed our networks. We needed more hosts so asked for more IP addresses but a contiguous block was not available. Instead we have been given with Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

They have remoted into the server but not specified what they have done and asked us to set up a second scope for the new range. I've been told they've not done anything to any routers. The servers in question don't appear to be running RRAS. We've been asked to add the new default gateway to the web proxy server.

I'm confused. Am I being dim here but how does this work? How can we this different subnet running on the same physical network?


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    It doesnt matter if you have hundereds of subnets on the same physical network, it just means that your clients wont be able to talk to each other within the network unless the requests are routed to them. Subnets are virtual boundaries. Remember that each subnet has its own broadcast domain.

    I think what they are wanting you to do is setup RRAS to forward requests between the clients on each broadcast domain. (maybe?)

    If i were you id probably buy ISA server, run your own private range ( and then NAT to external hosts.
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