Good reason to ask my employee to get a enhanced CRB check on me

Hi guys

I am looking to apply for some jobs in schools however I have been informed they will only be interested if I have an enhanced CRB. What I also found out is that only employers can get these done and want to ask my employer to get one done since I got nothing to hide.

However can anyone think of a good reason why I could ask for one. I don't really want to tell them I want one so I apply for a job since I only being there a few weeks.


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    Sounds like you are comfortable hiding quite a bit from your employer.
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    apd123 wrote: »
    Sounds like you are comfortable hiding quite a bit from your employer.

    Looking for a another job is'nt a crime else we all be in Jail. It's not like I can up to my manager.

    Me - Hi Tracy
    Manager - Hi Tom
    Me - Can I have Enhanced CRB check so I can apply for another job so I can leave yours
    Manager - Sure
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    Here in the uk, usually its down to any prospective employers to run there own checks on you for there purposes. This covers CRB, SC anything along those lines.

    As for asking your current employer to run one, well only reason I can think of is an internal role that requires it... Gonna be tricky if you need to get it done before hand.
    Do you know anyone else who runs a business that could do you a favour?
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    I know my bother is an IT manager at a school when he gets home I see if he is allowed to get one done for me.
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    If a school offers you a position, they usually get the CRB check done at that point, it takes about six weeks to come back.

    Obviously the job offer is conditionally based on the CRB check showing all clear for you.

    No point in doing one now, they can be expensive too.
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  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    You guys have odd requirements in the UK. :D
  • laidbackfreaklaidbackfreak Member Posts: 991
    Hyper-Me wrote: »
    You guys have odd requirements in the UK. :D

    trust me we think the same way about some of the things you guys have to do :D
    if I say something that can be taken one of two ways and one of them offends, I usually mean the other one :-)
  • NinjaBoyNinjaBoy Member Posts: 968
    To be honest, if you don't need one then why get one? Basically the CRB is already out of date once it's issued, if a prospective employer requires it then they will request it then and there. Plus it's about £35 a go.

    For instance, I've worked for a number of organisations that require the enhanced CRB: Government, Hospitals, Education, etc and even though 1 of my CRB's was only 6 months old, I was still required to go thru the process again when I changed jobs.

    Also when going for a job in the education sector (plus others), not only will they require you to have a fresh CRB, but you will also be checked against List 99.

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    As nielpeel and NinjaBoy point out, the CRB check is only valid for the organisation which requests it - leading to the mindbogglingly stupid situation that if you have a number of different circumstances in which you come into contact with children - working 1 day a week for each of 5 schools, getting involved in voluntary groups like Scouts, for example - you have to be CRB checked for each one.

    Also - THEY have to request it.

    If a prospective employer is asking for you to get a CRB check done, then they don't know what they're talking about.

    There is an agency of the Scottish Government called DisclosureScotland which allows you to request a copy of your criminal records (if there are any) (You don't have to live in Scotland). Costs about £10 when I had it done - but it does not have the same status as a CRB check.
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    Hyper-Me wrote: »
    You guys have odd requirements in the UK. :D

    It does not seem strange to me, there is a similar requirement in the U.S. to work for a school. First a trip to a local police department authorized to make official fingerprints (not all are), with an official seal on it. They are sent to the F.B.I. and you wait weeks for it to come back. Then you are eligible for the potential job. If they happen to hire you while you wait you generally can not work in student area unescorted. Sounds like it is similar in the U.K. They may not be expecting the present employer to do it but just stating it is needed before work starts.
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