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this will sound stupid but...

Ive been a semi pro musician for most of my life and now looking to take the A+ for various reasons but mainly for myself..{never taken hardly any exams ever}

Im a little unsure of how i go about booking an exam.....ive been on the prometric/Vue/thomson sites etc..

do i need a sponsor to book an exam ? i assume i dont...

I currently live in dover,kent,uk so i assume my nearest test centre is in maidstone at pitman training centre...but on reading thier website it seems they only offer the training and couldnt see anything about just taking the exam, i am self taught from 5/6 years using PC's and the many web resources available on the CompTIA A+ including this wicked website...

i feel like a bit of a numpty icon_redface.gif asking for help but it all seems fuzzy at present..

thanks anyway people



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    The only stupid question is the question unasked. No, you don't need a sponsor to take exams. You'll need to create an account with either Vue or Prometric. It's free, just some basic info for when you start passing exams. Then find your nearest test center. You can call to find out if the center you choose does testing. You will need to buy a voucher. A voucher is basically a middle-man in the process. You pay for the voucher, which comes with some training material, then you use the voucher number issued, to "pay" for the exam. Then study, and pass. Sounds easy, but if you have any more questions, ask away. Remember to check the objectives from Comptia, and get some good training books. I used Mike Myers AIO, which I thought was good. Check this sites Technotes as well. An excellent set of study guides put together by The Webmaster. Also, when you buy a voucher, try going to the link on the left side. It's helps to sponsor this site if you buy from them. Good Luck.
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    thats helped a lot in clearing up any confusion ive had over booking the exam...

    thanks once again for your most speedy reply

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