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Boson NetSim 7.0 = $249.00
CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator = $134.99

Which one should I get?


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    sreed wrote: »
    Boson NetSim 7.0 = $249.00
    CCNA 640-802 Network Simulator = $134.99

    Which one should I get?
    For $249 you could get a decent setup off ebay and work with the real stuff. Most simulators have limitations or are buggy. I think it's better, if you can afford it, to learn from the real stuff.

    Or if you have access to IOS, you can always go the GNS3 route. GNS3 Download
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    Yea I agree, for $249 you pretty much have yourself a CCNA Lab with real equipment. Again either that or GNS3 if available would be my choice!
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    Free CCNA Lab Workbook Section 1 – Getting Started with your Cisco Lab

    That's a site I've been working on for a couple weeks to provide a free online CCNA workbook based on GNS3.

    I manage to get a lab or two done a day with my busy schedule.
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    I don’t live in the great U S of A. Only in the Kingdom that is United. :)

    I was told by a CCNA Instructor to get Boson first and then go for the labs when I start my CCNP

    Some time back I was thinking of putting together a home lab and was quoted the following:

    CISCO2620 = £45.00
    CISCO2651XM = £125.00
    WS-C2950-24 £50.00
    WS-C2950-24 £50.00
    WIC-1T= £50.00
    WIC-1T = £50.00
    CAB--X21MT = £12.00 each

    What do u think?
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