Raising your profile

TurgonTurgon Banned Posts: 6,308 ■■■■■■■■■□
Recently I have noticed the flag waving on the 'Global Jobs Network' linkedin group. For those of you looking for pointers on presenting yourself to a wider audience by way of CV it might be worthwhile joining this group and just have a look at some of the content in the clarion calls from wannabe job seekers. It is interesting reading at times. Clearly some do seem to be a little over the top, one is left with the impression that just about everyone thinks they are a world beater with excellent, superb, etc etc splattered over many of the self penned eulogies. One wonders why they are looking for a job actually..
Anyway enough of my British reserve about that sort of thing. Remember, in todays tough economy you have to sell yourself aggresively and compete with everyone else. So toot your horn loudly, grab that job and step on everyone else without one, crushing your enemies like Conan.

Joking aside perhaps some of the examples on there might help some of you get some of your qualities across, at least on paper. Worth a look as there are all kinds of examples on there.


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