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Wow, this exam sort of blew. Mostly because the "official" book is wholly inadequate, as it was for the CWNA. Unlike the CWNA, Sybex doesn't have a CWSP book (although it looks like they've become the "official" book of the new revision and have one coming out early 2010).

Because of a lack of resources, I took meticulous notes from that book, nearly 50 pages, and I was completely blindsided by many topics. Fortunately, I also purchased the practice exams from CWNP, and those provided me with a couple of days heads-up to do some independent research into other areas.

The WPS stuff really caught me off guard, and it's emphasis seemed out of place since that's more of a consumer/soho technology. It's straight-forward, and Wikipedia and a few other resources filled in the gaps. EAP is huge. Be sure to to know the nitty-gritty details and differences between all the different EAP types. I thought a lot of the material seemed to be outside of the scope for a security exam. There were a lot of items such as voice/qos, roaming, network design, etc. that seemed to be a lot more general (and not covered by the book). They also had very specific questions about WIPS and WNMS software and terminology that the book didn't really go into.

The Offensive Security WiFi course and Hacking Exposed: Wireless were decent supplements for some things, but they didn't make up for the official book's shortcomings.


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