Taking BGP course in a few weeks what do I need to prep

I'm taking the class at global knolowdge. As you can see I'm mainly a voip guy, but my new job I'm mostly route/switch and a little voip. My question is how do I prep for this course. I'm not planning on taking the exam, but I"m in the process of finishing up the BSCI now and it covers BGP, but I can imagine that this course will go way in depth. I would like to know what can I read up on right now that will put me in the mind set of questions to really ask so I can get a good understanding of it.


PS I already own Chris Bryant BSCI and Cisco BSCI exam prep(very dry)
is there any other books that can agument the bryant advantage?
Currently Reading

CUCM SRND 9x/10, UCCX SRND 10x, QOS SRND, SIP Trunking Guide, anything contact center related


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