Passed 810

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Lots of Policy, Disaster Recovery and One MAth calculation having to do with calculating potential loss in man hours/cost of a vulnerability to a number of computers. OF all the practcice tests here, SYBEX tests and ********* I did not see one identical question other than straight port/protocol questions. No real trick questions either. No double negative questions. If you know authentication encrytion basics you can deduce what the correct answers are. That is to say there were some questions where the answer was obvious but the majority were reasoning and sometimes the ansswers weren't so clear.90 % of the questions started out "Which of the following". I had enough time to go throught the whole test twice and I changed about 3 answers on the 2nd pass.

Thanks for all input here it helped alot. The more sources of prep tests you can use will provide a more well rounded approach to how questions could be asked.

I would go through each test and then study what I missed. Then rerun tests till satisfied with result. I read on and off a bout 3 weeks prior then 2 weeks out I would run prep tests every day for about 3 hours making notes on what I missed.


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