Switches such as ARP -a, netstat -n

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How much are switches used on the test from your experience?

Do I need to put a specific emphasis on them?




  • lazyartlazyart Posts: 483Member
    I got questions that would ask what is the output of command and then you are given 4 or 5 screenshots, of which is was pretty obvious which was which. For example, I don't recall seeing screenshots of ARP -r vs ARP -R in the same question...
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
  • janmikejanmike Posts: 3,076Member
    Yes. You probably won't get a lot of questions on the commands and their switches, but it's possible that you could get some, or even several. It all depends on "the luck of the draw" on which questions you get from the overall database.

    Also, if you do anything with networks in real life at all, you're going to find that you need them.
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  • garv221garv221 Posts: 1,914Member
    I would study & know them all.
  • TransatlanticTransatlantic Posts: 120Member
    Also I'd prepare for questions like: Given a situation.... Select the most appropriate switch... then they'll give a list of command siwtches
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  • cliffjag1987cliffjag1987 Posts: 206Member
    Be sure you know all the switches & other commands. Not only Arp but also Ipconfig or winipcfg etc. They love to ask such questions in scenarios.
    Try all the commands with switches at home because you can get questions to indentify them. Like i got 1 or 2 to do it.
  • bjjrickbjjrick Posts: 4Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Ok, thanks guys!
  • crabeatercrabeater Posts: 88Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    I am having a problem ever getting entries for arp -a to show up. Even when I connect to my ISP (dialup) it says 'no ARP entries found'. I have tried adding my assisned IP & the server's IP even though the books say they are not required. Even tried arp -N

    Anyone able to tell me what may be going on here?

    nbtstat -a works fine, as does netstat -a
    nslookup works, but tracert will always timeout.


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  • D-boyD-boy Posts: 595Member
    You may find you might only get one question, but it pays to know ALL as you never know how many they will throw at you icon_wink.gif
  • crabeatercrabeater Posts: 88Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    D-Boy, I'm not asking what to study - these commands are working as I stated & don't know why (ie arp -a not having any entries)

    I am studying & TRYING each command.

    Would it simply be that the ISP is blocking some commands, or should they NOT function in this setup?
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