How hard is the CEH compared to the Security+? Where can you take the CEH? How much

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How hard is the CEH compared to the Security+? Where can you take the CEH? Does Pearson Vue do those?

How much does the CEH cost?



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    Much harder due to the amount you need to know, especially with tool specific questions. $250 for the test. Having Security+ will help you a lot with CEH.
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    Yes, you can take it with VUE.
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    It is ridiculously broad and much more difficult. I would have failed had I not had previous experience with C, PERL, and many other topics that were outside of the scope of the study material I used.

    I'm not trying to discourage you; if I can do it, so can you.

    Maybe this will put it in perspective for you: I passed the Security+ in a month of studying from next to no security knowledge, yet I had to draw upon years of experience for the CEH.
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    The CEH is at a higher level than the Sec+. CEH goes in depth into a lot of specific tools (NMAP, Wireshark, and SNORT to name a few) and requires solid knowledge of common and uncommon ports and their usage.

    I've heard mixed reviews on the actual boot camps, EC-Council expanded the training to include a ton of self study labs. I guess it depends on who you go through for training.

    I did CEH on self study reading a few books (Exam Prep by Michael Gregg and CEH: Official by Kimberly someone) and a couple of lab computers (WinXP, W2k Server, and a virtual machine running Backtrack Linux).

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    Unless you have background on the security and understanding wide range of systems and tools. It is not an easy exam and topics.
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