VOICE home lab help

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I have finished CCNA and CCNP routing and switching looking frward to do the Voice path. My voice knowledge at the moemnt not that good. Need some help with my voice home lab. I have



and Routers
2xMC3810V without fxo/fxs cards with 8mb flash and 32 mb nvram
3x2611 non xm without any voice moduls.
aironet access point
1751 no voice modules
1710 vpn router

and computers
1 quadcore 6600 pc with 4GB ram
1 DL 360 with 4GB ram 1 DL 580 and 1 dell poweredge 1655

What should I buy to complete my CCVP home lab. Thanks a lot mate. should I buy 2621xm or 1760 router. Or can I use my existing routers without any disadvantages??.
Also how many fxs and fxo cards do I need??
What IOS i should use in each router???
Thanks in advance
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