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You might have seen Mrs.Shon Harris's (Auther of "Cissp all in one" book) comments about new topics which are added to CISSP exam

I would like to add a few to her suggestions , and I hope this would help you to clear the Cissp exam in coming days.

a. Security program and blue prints, Risk Models
b. SLA, Change Management, Configuration Management
c. More block cipher models and Integrity controls.
d. More Common Criteria ( CC )
e. Website and Application Security, Malware types and Attack types
f. 802.11 types and Security, Instant messaging
g. IPSEC, SSL, Penetration testing
h. SLE , ALE , ARO, EF and Calculations
i. Application development, Forensics

And most importantly ,

j. CISSP exam focuses more on methodology and process.

CISSP is not a Tech Exam, I would say .. You have to have decision making skills and enough experience in the IT SEC Management field.

Good Luck


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    If you have covered lots of topics which are currently outdated, I would say, that is not going to harm you .. The knowledge you have got, makes you one step closer to the next level .. But as far as clearing the CISSP exam is concerned, you better save your study time for the current hot topics in Info Sec field , rather than spending hours and hours for doing Practice questions. Of course, CCCURE practice tests would help you to measure yourself....

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    In fact, I should say .. These are not newly added topics, these topics were there, what I mentioned was , concentrate more on these areas rather than outdated topics....
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