1 Down 1 to go Pass it by the hair on my .....

I passed the 70-294 today. After having to use three different computers (Go Prometric whooooaaa!) I got a 700 !!!! That is the closest yet. I had 2 sims and many drag and drops question and 1 hotspot. now to decided on 70-297 or 70-298 and hit the goal of finishing the MCSE before the year is out. By any chance anyone out there do both the 297 and 298 what are you thoughts on them.


  • undomielundomiel Posts: 2,818Member
    Welcome to the 700s club! That 294 is a surprisingly difficult one. Congrats! I haven't done the 297 but the 298 isn't as scary as it seems.
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  • EmpoweredBizTechEmpoweredBizTech Posts: 110Member
    It really was I thought I was rocking out the test. and poof 700 even. The thing is at the end I changed the answer to 2 question now the question on my mind which will never be answered is did that dip my score or provide me enough to come over the top ????? ahhh questions questions !
  • Super99Super99 Posts: 274Member
    nice job. yeah i've had that some thing happen to me by changing a few answers at the end and still passing and then wondering if i saved myself or did i lower my score.
    oh well.
    you passed, congrats ;)
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