Question about a practice question

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I'm reading Exam Cram's A+ practice questions and I've come across one answer that does not make sense. Let me know what you guys think. here's the question:

You are setting up computers in a 911 response center in a community near a power generating station. The incoming power is known to frequently have significant surges and sags in the line voltage. What device should you install to protect the office computers from damage, keep them online during emergencies, and prevent loss of data from the power line surges and sags?

A. a power line filter
B. a power strip
C. a surge suppressor
D. a UPS system

I originally chose D, but then noticed they mentioned power surges twice and thought "a UPS protects against sags, but not surges." Should I assume that a UPS system automatically includes a surge suppressor as well?


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