What is better? CCNP or MCSE?

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I now they are totally different, but hey, doing the math:

MCSE: 7+ Tests* / Average annual salary of $64K**
CCNP: 5+ Tests* / Average annual salary of $68K**

* Remember that each test is around $114.00 + cost of study materials
** According to http://www.certmag.com/salaries

I think CCNP is the winner. What do you think?


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    I think he/she who has experience is the winner. Don't be a paper techie. You could easily do both as a cross train, or shoot for expertise in just one. Either way, you won't make 60k+ without real world work experience. CCIE's make six figures....why not go for that.....
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    CCNP, CCDP, CCIP, and CCSP. Those are the ones you need. It gives you a well rounded networking foundation on which you can build experience. Also, as I have been preparing for the CCIE, I have found that studying for each of the 4 P certs helps further your overall understanding of networking and how it relates to IT.

    I have the MCSE 2003 but it is pretty much just for show. I use it to mess with the System Administrators who don't have it.

    In order, these are the certs that I value.

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    Yes, I believe that the Ps from Cisco are the more importants, and looking for a long-term goal of becoming a CCIE, for what I need far more experience, it sounds good to get it through the Ps...
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    A CCNP coupled with MCSE is always a winner, shows a lot of diversity, if your going purely Cisco a CCNP need backed up by either CCDP, CCIP or IP telephony!
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    In all cases you'd have to start at the bottom anyway. Before you get those salaries a couple of years have past, although it may be easier to get that with an MCSE first. Cisco jobs often require experience and certifications. Getting the first Cisco job is the hardest thing, and is often a lot easier ones you are an MCSE with a couple of years of experience and for example, get a CCNA and your employer 'allows you' to administer their Cisco router(s) and switch(es).

    Cisco exams are generally more respected than MS exams, probably because Cisco exams have higher passing scores, more difficult and detailed questions (without going weird and ambigious on us), and the sims are truly a succesful addition to improve the value of the exam.

    I agree with Ricka though, you shouldn't look at the potential salary to decide which is 'better', try to figure which interests you most and how you'd like to spend your work days (still makes CCNP the winner IMO, as designing, building, and securing Cisco infrastuctures is a better way to spend the day than MS sys admin...)
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    Well, I got some good news yesterday. I got my first Cisco job. I start in a couple weeks as a Cisco auditor for a local company. The pay isn't so good, as it is entry level, but it's more than I'm currently making working a help desk. I'll also get to touch pretty much every piece of equipment Cisco makes, so my experience with all the hardware is going to go way up, and I can play with it all I want for self-study (several of the guys there have gotten their CCNP's just based on experience from the job and access to the hardware, as well as one of the CCIE's that are on staff, having started with the company as a CCNA and progressed from there). So thank god, the hard part is over for me. In my case, what gave me the edge over the other applicants was that my resume had some diversity to it, I've picked up an Associate's degree in networking, and a letter of recommendation from my Academy instructor.

    So my answer to this question is that I'm much happier going the Cisco route, but the MCSA on my resume did help to distinguish me from the other candidates a bit. Go for the Cisco and the MS certs if you lack experience
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    Well, I got some good news yesterday. I got my first Cisco job. I start in a couple weeks as a Cisco auditor for a local company. The pay isn't so good, as it is entry level, but it's more than I'm currently making working a help desk.
    Congratulations! It's always good to see a deserving individual break into the field!
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    cisco hands down, i don't know of any mcse pulling down more than most cisco certified techs
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