Passed VCP 310 in the nick of time

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HI all,

I passed the 310 today not a blinding score but seeing as I only found out it was retiring last week and started seriously studying I am quite happy with my 74.

I attended the Install and Config ourse back in september, and have read both the mastering VI book and the exam cram book. I must say that I found the measureup cd in the exam cram book prettay useless (seemed a bit like a hastily knocked out series of questions) and I also bought sometime ago the CBT nuggets video training stuff, They were good in the past but I found that the vmware series had very little depth and were only really good to watch a couple of times (their MS based stuff I've had before was alot better).

I was rather frustrated by the lack of material to study with apart from the vmware site which had rather good pdf docs library but as there were no practice test engines on the market I could not really gauge how I was doing whilst studying (As measureup did not produce a full VCP-310 Product).

I guess most of this may well be tainted by the sudden urgency to study the material

If you intend to take this exam in the next couple of weeks then you will also need to be aware of the abilities of other products in the vmware line (such as workstation,server,player and fusion). This exam also had a rather strange mix of non technical questions too (learning colours of flags etc is recommended).

Anyway I've passed so time for a short xmas break then maybe a bit of windows 7 study then perhaps onto vsphere.
Kind Regards
Dale Scriven

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