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Boy, am I glad to have this out of the way. This was my second shot at the ITIL v3 exam, first time I scored a miserable 23/40. This time a much more respectable 35. I did the 3 day ITIL course again (boss insisted) and made a lot of difference to my overall understanding of the subject. It now makes more sense how the management processes work at my company. Certainly worth the effort.

Material used:

1. A 3 day official training course from an accredited training provider. Read the training manual from back-to-front thrice.
2. The ITIL handbook.
3. The EXIN sample exams, the practice exams from taruu.com and the questions that eMeS has on his profile. Thanks eMeS.

The actual exam was harder than the EXIN sample exams and the questions that the trainer provided (he said he wrote them himself).

I am done with ITIL, back to the Microsoft stuff. I have the 640 in 6 days, so more icon_study.gif . Only on Wednesday there will be drunken_smilie.gifdrunken_smilie.gif
NSX, NSX, more NSX..

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