prelogic A+ scores

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HI has anyone used the preplogic A+ examcram things.... and if so what sort of percentage was you getting on the four different practise exams given.... and did you pass the real test afterwards ? im curerntly getting between 70-85% on i know enough ?

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    The general rule of thumb is to get at least 90% on practice exams before you try the real thing. Suggest you study a couple more weeks and try the Preplogic again.

    If you haven't already, try the practice exams here on Techexams.

    But, use the practice tests sparingly, bacause if you take them too often, all you'll do is memorize the correct answers and, of course, you cannot get a fair evaluation for yourself if you do that.

    No, I didn't use the Preplogic on A+, but I've tried their demos on a couple of exams and they, if I remember correctly, are good,
    tough-enough exams. Some say that they're tops.

    Best of luck!
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