ICND sims?

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I am taking ICND in two weeks and I am looking for any advice on the types of sims that I can expect. Does any one know if the sims are tasked based (i.e set vlan22 address to x.x.x.x), or are the troubleshooting sims (net A can't talk with net B, why?) or can I expect both?? Thanks again, c__g
Thanks for the help, -cg


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    You should expect both types! I dont think you will get any switch sims, Ive never heard of anyone having to do one. You could get between, 3-6 sims ranging in difficulty, sorry to be vague but it is different all the time.
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    For ICND you probably won't see 3 to 6 sims. Unfortunetly, if I told you what my sim entailed, I'd be breaking the NDA. All I can say is that I had 1 sim, and it was something of a bear
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    sorry I just realised it was ICND not CCNA exam! doh sorry
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    vince... ICND is for semesters 3&4... i think you mean the INTRO exam...
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