CISSP Topic Question (quantum protocols)

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I read a thread on another website, where someone stated they got a question about bb84 protocol/qubits.

I'm thinking if a Q-crypto question comes up, it would be one of the "droppable" questions on the exam, ie: feeling out the responses to it for future revisions? This logic makes sense to me, because in the future when the technology is understood more, and more widely deployed, and not cost prohibitive, it may be common place for IT staff/network engineers to work with it.

BB84 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Next up: OSCP


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    It is quite possible that any exam item referencing something that is very modern and specific is a research question and therefore does not count. But it's also possible that such information is a "distractor," and it is not necesary for the exam candidate have any knowledge of what it is to be able to answer the question correctly. In that case, the question may actually count towards the exam's final score.
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