Took CISSP exam today

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Hi guys,

I took the CISSP exam in the morning today. so here's my experience...

Most of the questions were focused on the management aspects of infosec (I really wish there were more telco and crypto stuff icon_sad.gif). Most of the questions were from App security and Operations security and considerable number of questions from forensics. Shon Harris is absolutely correct when she said the CISSP exam is more focused on methodology. I dont know if i'm allowed to say anything more than that. I was also prepared to see U.S. laws and standards, but they weren't any. That for me is logical because I'm not from U.S.

There were few questions that I didnt understand what they even meant. Some other were that that you can say that are two answers for the question. Most of the questions were based on general principals but the wordings were quite different.

6-hour exam is a physical stress than a mental stress for me, I have never sat for an exam for that long. Ass many authors say, bring a small snack and for us water was provided by the hotel at the back of the room. We were allowed to bring a dictionary (It's allowed in non English speaking countries only, I guess) and I needed that for two or three questions.

That's all for now....

JD: Thanks a lot for this forum and your opinions, suggestions on this forum.icon_thumright.gif


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