How to route to dynamips router from the actual server?

gohugegohuge Junior MemberMember Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
I'm sure someone knows the answer to this and has wanted to do this so lets see... I'm running dynamips on Ubuntu 9.04 and VMware on the same box. They both work well BUT I can't reach the dynamips router directly from this server (when I ping the bridged IP address of the dynamips router it's unreachable from the REAL Ip address of the ubuntu box. I'm sure it's some sort of routing issue but don't know enough about ubuntu to figure it our and figured someone has done this? The goal is to have the dynamips router reachable by both real devices on my network (which it is now) and by the VMware instances running (which are also bridged on the SAME interface to the real network). I want my virtual and real networks to fully communicate so that both the dynamips router and the VMware servers can be used by the real network and they can both see each other.



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