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    mrmcmint wrote: »
    Unlucky Hyper. Will you be doing this once it's live?


    I'll be trying to get a shot at the VDI/App-v/Med-v exam too that should be in beta soon.
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    bowulf wrote: »
    I took the exam on Tuesday, and while I have no clue how I did (pass or fail), the exam was certainly doable. The bar setting activity for this exam will be interesting and probably determinant if I passed or not. I have a feeling the bar will be set higher than perhaps it was on Windows 7.
    I just took it and felt pretty confident. I think I have a shot at passing. I went through most of the Mastering Microsoft Virtualization book.

    However, today was by far the worst experience I've had with a Prometric testing site (I've taken 10 Prometric exams in the last year and never had any problem at any other testing site). I just renewed my driver's license, and the DMV employee hole punched it. Apparently this makes it an invalid form of ID! I guess I share some blame on this, since maybe I should have known that it was invalid... however, when the DMV employee hole punched it, she said I could still use it as a photo ID, so I figured it was OK.

    However, the testing center staff person was extremely rude about it, which was uncalled for. I asked if we could call Prometric for clarification of the policy, and she refused. I called myself and Prometric said that the hole punch does indeed make it invalid, but they could make an exception if the testing center agreed.

    I figured the testing site wouldn't agree, so I drove home to retrieve my passport, and drove back to take the exam (over an hour round trip). When I took the exam, the computer was extremely slow. Between each question there was a 5-10 second delay, and after the exam was finished I had to wait about five minutes for the comments section to appear, and then the PC was to slow to even reach the testing site survey, so I eventually just gave up.

    I should have known better than go to this site again. I passed the 70-647 there a few months ago, and I had to wait 45 minutes after my appointment time before taking the exam (it was crowded that day, although almost nobody was taking IT exams, so I opted to give them another chance... big mistake). What was supposed to be a slightly long lunch break turned into a nearly 4 hour ordeal!!
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