CNT 150 final today

dljurekdljurek Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
I'm taking the final in my second cisco class today. This will be over routing protocols and things like that.

I'm still not clear on a few things. "no ip classless" i think i have figured out now though. I'm still fuzzy on the whole level 1&2 routes, child/parent routes, and ultimate routes. Also, the election process and functionality of OSPF. One OSPF test question i remember deals with a small network of 4 or 5 routers all connected to each other, and the question was which interface of which router is DR? BDR? The setup seemed pointless with the use of OSPF, but thats probably because i'm missing something. Usually, i just read too much into these things and they are WAY simpler than i make them out to be.

thanks for any comments/assistance.
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