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I am new in this forum good to see that lot of guys have cissp cert,,, i have some questions regarding cissp track . First of all i have experience of 5 to 6 years working in cisco field , i have done ccna in (2006) and ccsp in (2007) CompTIA Security+ and several juniper certs , currently i am working as network security specialist now i want to do cissp ? what i saw on isc2 site is that they ask 5 to 6 years experience regarding security work experience and will waive some if i have certain certifications ,,,

My question is that isc2 will accept my certifications and work experience and issue me cissp cert or i will associate of cissp as i dot have direct experience of security

second thing is that on cisco site in ccsp track it is mention about
INFOSEC CCSP - Career Certifications & Paths - Cisco Systems

third thing i have not seen jobs of (associate of cissp ) why?

please guide me so i can make decision thanks


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    Hi Firstly lets say welcome to TE

    CISSP requires 5 years in at least 2 of the 10 domains. For any waiver requirements take a look here ;-
    (ISC)² Security Transcends Technology

    Basically you need a degree in info sec or one of the approved certs.

    You need to sit and pass the exam and then seek endorsement
    (ISC)² Security Transcends Technology

    If you dont meet the full criteria then you will become an associate until such time as you do.

    I'm not sure what your asking about the CCSP or infosec?

    The asssociate status is very new and probably hasnt filtered down to the jobs adverts as yet. And given that most people who seek to recruit CISSP certified people want the full eperience that it carries. Imo a more important feature.

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    The (ISC)2 allows CISSP candidates to waive only one year of professional work experience for having either an undergraduate degree or a certification from a specific list of many common certs (Security+, SSCP, MCSE, etc.). This means you need only four years of verifiable, professional work experience to meet the experience requirements for CISSP.

    You are not likely to see any job postings asking for "(ISC)2 Associate of CISSP" because most employers either don't know about it or they only want people with lots of InfoSec experience who will have their full CISSP.
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    thanks for reply it was great it helped me lot and but in conclusion i can say that there will be difficulty to find job as a associate of cissp ? what u say ?
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    The associate designation of the SSCP and CISSP is to help people start a career in InfoSec. It's better to have the associate designation than not to have it, and it does get "CISSP" on to your resume, which helps recruiters to find you using keyword searches. It will certainly make you look more valuable to an employer than other job candidates that don't have "CISSP" on their resume, but there's no guarantee that having an associate will get you a job.
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