Practice test questions vs Real Exam

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I have taken every practice test I could find. I have to guess that the practice test questions are harder than the actual ones. So could someone shed some light on the matter?

Today I ran across a question involving XP and NT4.0 (which I have an MCSE for) and even I could remember the chart below to answer it. I made an educated guess removing other anwers to come to correct conclusion. So I find it rediculous that the actual test would require you to memorize a chart of which edition of which OS uses which NTFS version.

NTFS has five released versions: I simply cant cram anymore information in my head without it exploding and I keep scoring 65-70% on these practice tests missing trick questions that base what you know on things that are not practical to memorize in the real world. They are usually written down in documents.

So are practice test questions harder than real ones?


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    Just remember that NT 4 has to have Service Pack 4 or higher to read a Windows XP NTFS partition.

    As for the tests, it depends on the Practice Test you are taking.
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    Preplogic was very close to the real test.
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    kenny831 wrote: »
    Preplogic was very close to the real test.

    I agree. I used the PrepLogic Exam that came on the CD in the back of the Exam Cram book.

    winky51: What are you using for prep other than practice tests?
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    Everything but prep logic. I did the prep logic exam after my 1st reading and score ~65% and I havent scored higher on these other practice tests and its frustrating.

    Makes me feel better that I did fair on the intial one and these other tests are asking such, what I see, rediculous questions.

    I cant retake the tests on the CD or the book because I am visual and basically memorize the answers instinctively so I'd get 100% and it would be an inaccurate assessment.

    I'll see if I can get more prep logic tests specifically.

    Ive been outta IT for a couple years taking care of my son. Now Im ready to rejoin.
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    I simply cant pass the practice tests I have gotten over 65%. Ive been studying for 3 months and I work with XP every day. I know this stuff but these tests are bias on every level. They dont seem to measure what you know, they seem to measure how often you can be tricked. My MCSE for NT was easier than this.

    Command line parameters you usually look up not memorize.

    Fake naming convensions on applications to confuse you and make you feel like you missed something. Windows Update Wizard for example "is this new? something I missed? new service pack update?"

    Impossible systems thats dont exist in the real world and you have to let go of all that makes sense to find the answer. XP laptop woth 64Mb of RAM, gimme a break the thing wouldnt even work right.

    I have 15 pages of notes I coplied and highlighted from the books myself to shorthand and I keep adding to it individual tiny details of processes and switches and rare occurances I missed. I just cant pass it.

    If you fail the real test once can you take it again the next day? I was told this was the case. This is getting very frustrating. I dont know if Im just old and cant think right or my experience of seeing all possibilities is clouding my judgement on questions. Maybe the real exams arent as rediculous as these practice ones. Is the exam cram 2 I got out of date and their examples are not of todays world?
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    I am close to taking the test. I have completed TestOUT and I feel that it really helped fill in the gaps for stuff no one uses anymore. The practice test questions seemed to be good. Now I have taken 1 Transcender exam and will take them all before I go. The nice thing is that it shows you which area you are weak in and then you can read a chapter or google a tutorial on the topic to help the next time around. With that I started out pretty low on RIS about 50% on questions and turned it around to an 89%. Which helped my overall score go to about a 70%. So I still have some areas that I am weak in and will work on that. I am hoping to take the real exam next Monday.

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