Passed with 825 of 900 today!

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Took the test today. Did CBTs provided by the Air Force and my company along with a couple tests. I am a 3C0 in the ANG as well so i have network experience. The routing protocols were the hardest part for me. 825 of 900... How many missed is that? Didnt really study hardcore until the day prior to the test icon_cheers.gif

CCENT or A+ are next. I have Sec+ and Net+.


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    Congrats. I think the Net+ (I passed today as well)was harder than A+ for me, but that was the 2007 version so who knows.

    How did you find Sec+? If it is like I think it is, it was everything I was sketchy on in the Net+ exam, just worse :)
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    sec+ wasnt to bad. I took the 07 sec+ test and had some pretty good practice exams from the people that I worked with in the ANG.
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    Sounds good, I might give Sec+ a shot next. What is a 3CO? I am not familiar with that rank
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    3C0 isn't a rank. Think of it more as a job description...

    [FONT=verdana, geneva, helvetica]3C0 - Communciations/Computer Systems Operations[/FONT]

    I too found the Net+ to be more difficult than the A+.

    Honestly, I found the A+ to be almost a joke. And it is a quite expensive joke at that lol. I took the IT Tech exam for the 2nd test, and it was asking me questions that were not technical at all. Alot of soft skills/do not touch customers items sitting on desktop etc etc.

    What do you want to do in the computer field? Networking? Server Administration? Security? Deciding what career path you want to take, may help in deciding which exams to shoot for icon_thumright.gif

    Btw, grats on the pass! icon_cheers.gif
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    Im not really sure what field I want to go in, I really want to be like a help desk admin who can still get his hands dirty with grunt work.

    Thanks, I really didn't expect to pass, glad I did.

    Ya, I found A+ to be really a joke, and Net+ to be composed of off the wall questions when they could have pciked better questions imo
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    Congrats mate thats a good score indeed but guys how is the combination of N+ and sec + cause am planning on taking sec + anytime next year MS upgrates are driving me a bit crazy.
    Show me the way to go
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