Passed yesterday with a 795

NetAdmin419NetAdmin419 Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
So here I am a lurker who just wanted to share that I got my Security+ cert!

I definitely could have studied more (I used the Sybex book - read about half then just started bouncing around it as I saw terms I didn't know or concepts I wasn't familiar with, I also used the ExamCram book and these boards as well as Darril's blog and Tweets); I felt ready until the first 4 or 5 questions were worded in such a way that I freaked out (so I just marked for review went on). Finally got on a roll and was able to squeak out a pass after I got my composure back, the big thing for me was remembering to read thoroughly and also try to eliminate 2 or 3 answers, when I started I was trying do it fast!

When I saw I passed it was one of the greatest feelings! Thanks for all the posts on here as they were helpful in my studies, I hope to become a more active member as I pursue other certifications.


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