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I have been on a streak of passsing most comptia tests until I came up against the Server+ and failed it by like 5 questions. But my real question to post is I plan on taking this test within the next week or so and I was wondering when you guys retake tests, do you guys usually pass the second time around? Also, do you end up seeing the same question from the first time you took your test? Thanks guys!


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    You are bound to see some of the same questions again (although it is theoretically possible you get an entirely different selection of the question pool).

    I schedule exams only when I'm confident I will pass (or will be able to pass if I study until exam day), but anyway, if you are having doubts if you will pass the second time, I'd either reschedule the exam, or study my @ss off so I know I have a good chance of passing it.

    What are you using to prepare for the exam?
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    I am using a Transcender that I bought and also Boson practice tests. I am also using the Sybex book.
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    Usually with Transcender you 'just' need to take it over and over (including reading the explanations) until you score in the 90%, and with Boson and Sybex as well you should be able to get full coverage of the exam objectives.
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    Don't forget about this part of a retake:

    Re-Take - Re-Test . . . Jump Start Your Career Today!
    CompTIA® is announcing a special offer designed to help you attain CompTIA certification. This offer will enable you to re-take CompTIA certifications until Dec. 31, 2004 at a 50% savings off the published non-member price!

    How it Works: Take a CompTIA certification exam between Sept. 1 – Dec. 31, 2004. If you do not pass, CompTIA will e-mail to you a non-transferable, 50% discount re-take voucher within 10 business days after receiving your score report. Then simply redeem the voucher and re-take the certification exam by December 31, 2004. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount. The voucher number must be given at exam registration.
    Someone asked me when will my studying be over......
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    Thanks for the info about 1/2 off the re-take. I hope I don't need it.

    I plan to take the exam in a week or 2, but are there some sites that offer free (legal) practice exams? Thought I had read somewhere about them.

    I have my Meyers' Net+ book & CD, the TechExams SE, and an ILT Course book from a local training school, but trying the same questions over & over only gets you to know THOSE answers (plus of course looking through many sources to find out why I was wrong).

    Any help appreciated.
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    I just retook my Server+ test and finally passed it on my second attempt. I got a 78% and all that was needed was a 75%. Also when I was taking it, I could have sworn that I would have done better than a 78% but I guess the questions are weighted somehow, because out of 80 multiple choice questions I know I got most of them right. And by the way, I didn't get any questions that I got on the first attempt. Anyways, done with Comptia tests for now, off to tackle the Microsoft tests, and I've decided to take the 70-210 instead of the 70-270. This forum is awesome, time to start posting on the Windows 2000 threads.
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