Don't give up!

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Well I was laid off at my previous job due to cut backs back on Nov. 2nd while I was out on vacation. I find out by trying to VPN to work and not being able to get in. Then I tried getting access to e-mail and various other things all where giving me access denied. So I call into work and an hour later they call me back and tell me I was laid off due to cut backs along with 28 other people.

I have been putting in resume's ever since then with no luck till about 2 weeks ago. I get a call from a local university that I applied at. I go in and interview and was there for over an hour and the interview went very well. I was even able to answer the tricky questions they thought would trip me up. I was the first of 6 to be interviewed. At the end of the interview they said I did very well and I should here from them at the end of this past week. After the interview was over I waited a day and sent them an e-mail thanking them for the opportunity to speak with them and let them know I would be an asset to the company.(The e-mail idea came from forums) Well at the end of last week I got an e-mail from the director that interviewed me saying that this week sometime we should all hear back from them with their decision.

I had been praying to find something soon cause bills are stacking up. I also have a serious knee issue that I had to go into the doctor for last Thursday. $600 later they still don't know whats wrong with it. Having no insurance sucks! So I had an interview for today and as I am driving to it I get a call from the director and I was offered the position. I am now making more than my previous job that I was laid off from and have way better benefits. I feel so lucky and grateful that this came at this time. To all of you out there. Keep your chin up and keep at it. Something will come.


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