Passed Core with a 628 this Afternoon! - Info Inside........

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The test was fairly simple. Although, I have been in the field for some years now, but was never eager to seek this certification until my firm made it mandatory for our current contract.

QUESTIONS: Laser Printing (icon_cool.gif
Network Related (7)
Scenario Based (20 or so)
SCSI (3)
USB/IEEE 1394 (5)
Click on Component (1)
IRQ/DMA/I/O (5-7)
Preventive Maintenance - Safety Precautions (5)
CPU - Slots (5)

The rest I am unsure of. Of course, these numbers are approximates. There were a few technologies that I have never heard of and assume that the terminology were for legacy hardware. Just be sure to read the questions carefully and use deductive reasing when neccessary.

I used the Transenders/This Site and an A+ for Dummies Book that I had downloaded.

Thanks to everyone here for their input and suggestions and the best of luck to all of you!!!


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