Will this usb-serial work for cisco cable?

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  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    Maybe. Not very many details on that page so can't be sure what USB serial chip it uses.
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    I wouldn't make a purchase without knowing the chip they are using in their cable. There are a lot of them out there at very attractive prices that vendors are unloading because there are no signed 64bit drivers available. That can cause a problem if you desire to use it on a 64bit Vista or Windows 7 installation and don't care to employ workarounds to disable driver signing enforcement.

    Of course if you don't use 64bit versions of Windows 7 or Vista I suppose that doesn't make a difference. Even still, I would much prefer to buy one I know works well on just about any platform (Windows, mac, Linux) for $10 and only have to buy one once.

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