Noob, frustrated and dissapointed. CISSP help.

Mohamed.ZorobMohamed.Zorob Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
I have a total of 3 years of experience as of last week. I work as a network specialist in a well known company and my work does include two or more of ISC2 CBKs. I am currently certified as MCSE*Security and CCSP, and hold a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. I really hope to become a well established security consultant one day.

I'm half way past studying using Shon Harris' study guide and I was planning to take my exam in Feb 10, but just read that I need 4 years (not yet, one more year) + 1 year experience waiver (which I have). Basically my options are to take the Associate CISSP credential for now, until the next year.

I would like to ask the experienced security professionals/credential holders in this forum, what advise can you give me?
Should I go for the associate?
Wait until I have the 4 years then Apply?
Any other specific security related certificates that I'm eligible to take now, while I accumulate one more year of experience for the CISSP?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely - Noob.


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    laidbackfreaklaidbackfreak Member Posts: 991
    Hi There, if you feel that your ready to take the exam, if I was in your position I would take it and become an associate. 1 more year to wait for the full accreditation wont hurt and at least you will know you've already taken and hopefully passed the exam. icon_smile.gif

    just my 2c
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,031 Admin
    The biggest part of the CISSP cert is passing the exam. Take the CISSP exam when you feel that you are ready, whether that's next month or in a year. There's no reason to put off the exam when you feel that you are ready for it, even if you don't have all the experience yet.
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    impelseimpelse Member Posts: 1,237 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Take the exam
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    UnixGuyUnixGuy Mod Posts: 4,564 Mod
    you are just half way through studying....I suggest you keep studying harder and harder, and when you're ready, just take the exam. One year is nothing!! time pass quickly, it'll be over before you know it...pass the exam, then worry about the other stuff :)

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    Mohamed.ZorobMohamed.Zorob Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Much obliged guys. I guess I will take the exam and worry about the credentials later. I just hope the requirements don't change from 5 to 6 years of necessary exp by then :)
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    Mohamed.ZorobMohamed.Zorob Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hey everyone :)

    I sat for the exam on Dec 11 2010, and I just for the notification email yesterday night. I passed on the first try :). I woke up the whole family and started jumping around like a lunaticicon_lol.gif.

    Now I need to find someone to endorse me, I did the exam and stay in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Middle East. Is there any way to locate fellow CISSPs in good certification condition?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,031 Admin
    Congratulations on the pass! icon_cheers.gif

    It's not just finding a member of the (ISC)2 in good standing, but that someone should also be personally familiar with you and your work history. You can request that the (ISC)2 endorse you, but that takes longer to get your full certification.

    More info in the following documents:

    CISSP APPLICANT ENDORSEMENT FORM: https://www.isc2.org/uploadedFiles/Certification_Programs/endorsement.pdf

    CISSP APPLICANT ENDORSEMENT ASSISTANCE FORM: https://www.isc2.org/uploadedFiles/Certification_Programs/applicant-endorsement-help-CISSP.pdf
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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I passed
    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif
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    Chris:/*Chris:/* Member Posts: 658 ■■■■■■■■□□
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    Mohamed.ZorobMohamed.Zorob Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks everyone! icon_lol.gif

    I'll try to contact the examination center, maybe they can provide more info.
    Otherwise, like you said I'll have to go through (ISC)2.

    Thanks everyone, I'll update you when I get the certification. :)

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