Noob, frustrated and dissapointed. CISSP help.

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I have a total of 3 years of experience as of last week. I work as a network specialist in a well known company and my work does include two or more of ISC2 CBKs. I am currently certified as MCSE*Security and CCSP, and hold a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. I really hope to become a well established security consultant one day.

I'm half way past studying using Shon Harris' study guide and I was planning to take my exam in Feb 10, but just read that I need 4 years (not yet, one more year) + 1 year experience waiver (which I have). Basically my options are to take the Associate CISSP credential for now, until the next year.

I would like to ask the experienced security professionals/credential holders in this forum, what advise can you give me?
Should I go for the associate?
Wait until I have the 4 years then Apply?
Any other specific security related certificates that I'm eligible to take now, while I accumulate one more year of experience for the CISSP?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely - Noob.


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