Would you leave a System Admin job for a Sr Tech Support specialist one?

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If the Sr tech support position (aka 3rd tier help desk) was at much better and wealthier company, offered you more money, better benefits, more perks and better job security?

I currently do a lot of tech support /help desk at my admin job but I also do a lot of server administration and I mostly work alone doing everything. I'm hesitant to accept a full blown help desk job where I mostly will be answering the phones and working on a large team. Never worked help desk before. Please advise.


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    When I worked in helpdesk, after 18 months I was ready to be paid less, but work in non-helpdesk environment. Unless I'm forced to do it to pay the bills (or have a gun pointed at me) I won't work in a pure helpdesk job anymore. :) Neverthelese, I have high regard for helpdesk folks as they're mostly smart, strong and determined to move on.

    I think helpdesk job should be seen as a transition job, not as a long-term career. My 2c.
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    I would not suffer stress or work doing a job i don't like for more money. Dont waste a year or two of your life for more money.
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    If the Sr tech support position (aka 3rd tier help desk) was at much better and wealthier company, offered you more money, better benefits, more perks and better job security?...

    Depends really on your personal circumstances at the time and where you see yourself in the future...

    I know quite a few people who are happy working on helpdesk, and have worked up from helpdesk junior to senior to Helpdesk/Service desk manager - earning quite a good salary. Then again, I also know a few people who hate it on helpdesk and want to get out of it.

    IMO, the questions are: Are you happy where you are at the moment? And do you want the extra perks for a different role?

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    I'll try to get a server admin job for more money. Be patient, and work on your certifications/qualifications, and better opportunities will definitely come :)

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  • Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Member Posts: 4,024
    There's a reason they call it the helldesk.

    It would take a very large amount of money for me to ever return to full time help desk work.
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    If you aspire to be a systems or network admin, then this job would not be a step in the right direction.

    If you really really need the money, or like working in the support role, then it's a different story.

    Some people really prefer support and I don't get all the disparaging remarks. Some companies would pay decent $$$ for top notch support people, maybe this company that is paying more than your current salary views their "sr" position in that way.
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  • UnixGeekUnixGeek Member Posts: 151
    I wouldn't, unless you really need the money.
  • bagelwithcheesebagelwithcheese Member Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks a lot guys. I will steer clear. It would be a step backward for me professionally even though it's about 10-15k more than I make right now.
    I'm happy where I am right now even though our company is struggling financially, we won't cease operations anytime soon.
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