Ubuntu Server vs Desktop

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Anyone able to explain the difference here? I know it sounds like a stupid question but I'll looking specifically for performance/security differences. I know that one has a gui and the other doesn't. I am working on a custom live cd and it seems that all the "tutorials" out there make you work with ubuntu desktop because it supports creating a new live cd. The issue is that I want my custom live cd to only install a customized version of ubuntu server.


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    UnixGeekUnixGeek Member Posts: 151
    Ubuntu serer has a much more streamlined default install than Ubuntu Desktop. Any package that's available for one should be installable on the other.

    If you're installing Ubuntu on any type of production server, I strongly recommend sticking to the latest LTS release. IIRC, Ubuntu LTS releases are supported for at least 5 years if you're using the Server variant, and 3 years if you're using the Desktop variant.
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