Installation Issues...

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Alright, I am about to profess myself an ultimate newb. I have a stock Gateway GM5643E. I went to pop a new HDD in and install Windows 7. Figured I would have it done before 30 Rock was over. I get the standard PE boot and it does not detect my SATA hard drive. So I go and download the SATA drivers from Gateway, extract and place on a USB drive. It sees the driver and states it does not detect any hardware to use with those drivers.

So I figure it's the right driver, I snag the driver straight from (ICH8R/ICH9R SATA RAID Controller), same results.Weird.

So I try a different HDD, same results. Tried my Vista DVDs same issue.

So.. I snagged the driver straight out of the system32 folder of my existing Vista install. No luck using this one either.

I updated the BIOS and then went in, switched the BIOS to sata mode IDE-Legacy, no luck. Then IDE-Native, no luck.

Any ideas?
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