I passed! Study bugs read this.

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The good news is I passed both exams. The bad news is 99% of all the study materials I have studied was not even on the test, nor any of the practice test materials. I had to wing most of it. I wont **** any questions but here is what was NOT on there.

COM ports, not on there. IRQ's not on there. I/O addresses, nope, not on there. Processor,s and their particulars, not on there. Connectors (DB9, RJ45, DB25 etc), not on there.

It was almost like the test was prepared to NOT include anything I had studied.

There plenty of strange senerio questions. Just plain ole experience got me through it.

Oh yeah, I got all 30 questions on my first test and 19 on my OS test.

Good luck guys!


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    The A+ exam is put together from a pool of questions CompTIA has in their database. No 2 tests are really the same and some tests may have more of one thing than the other. It really depends on the draw of luck. The questions that you didn't have showed up on my A+ exam. I finished both the Core and OS exams the same day in 20 questions each.

    You should know everything that's covered in the A+ books. As a side note the practice exams do not mimic the A+ exam. You will never see the same questions but they will cover the same material. If the practice exams had the same questions, the A+ exam would be pointless. Hope this clears things up.

    Steven S.
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    bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    firstly, congratulatiuons on your pass.

    secondly, which materials did you use for study? did you use free guides or books?
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