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I've got my A+ and Network+ certifications and will graduate school this year with and associates with emphasis in networking and completed the Cisco academy. Now my question is should i get more school and get a bachelor degree or try and knock out a CCNA or MCSA cert. I know right now if i go towards CCNA i'm going to need more practice because when i went threw the acadmey thing at school we crammed the 4 semisters into 2 school semisters.


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    Certs are good, but, with your education achieved, go for all of the experience that you can get. Slide into the certs as you go along and get the experience. My opinion anyway.

    But, more education sure can't hurt you. And, if you want to do networking, go with Cisco.

    Best of luck!
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    I'd say without a doubt that CCNA is more valuable than MCSA. With your emphasis on networking it seems the logical next step. A Bachelor's is better still.
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