what is the diff. between CCNA n CCNP

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I am just wondering what is the difference between CCNA and CCNP?

Is there benifit of taking university networking course in Networking or going to CCNP? I am doing CCNA right now. any advice pls?


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    CCNA is an entry level certification. It shows that you have demonstrable knowledge of router technologies and concepts with basic configuration ability. The CCNP is more indepth and shows that you have a journeyman level experience and can configure routers and switches without any supervision.

    That is what it should provide. You can possess both and still have not ever configured a router in a production network. Employers who understand the certifications should know what is expected of you.

    A University Course is general networking technologies with minimal emphasis on vendor specific syntax, technologies, or methods. If you take all of the CCNP tests and have studied appropriately you should have a thourough understanding of general networking technologies and terms with an emphasis on Cisco's vendor specific technologies, syntax and methods. Picking up another Vendors network products (Juniper or Foundry) should only require learning the methods and syntax.
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