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I'm scheduled to take the CLE exam on the 30th, has anyone seen any practice exams available for this?


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    After much procrastinating and a lot of scheduling around work I finally took and passed the exam. I understood the lack of practice exams after I got the study guide and discovered it was a hands-on exam. icon_wink.gif
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    Can you give us some more info about the cert/exam, study material you used etc?
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    Sure, I used the Novell study guide by Robb Tracy. I believe it's the only one available as of now. The book was fairly helpful, but lots of hands-on time with the software is needed to pass the exam.

    I setup a lab at home using SuSE Standard Server 8. I had a copy of the server software and the NNLS software that I got by attending the Novell/IBM one day training they had a few months back, but the ISO's are available for evaluation off the Novell site. Without violating exam confidentiality, I suppose about all I can say is that the exam is all hands-on, and it covers both Linux administration and NNLS extensively.

    I would suggest bringing a decent amount of Linux experience since the book doesn't cover that aspect as much as configuring NNLS itself. Also I had little Netware experience to begin with and most of it prior to eDirectory, so having more familiarity with the Netware side of things would help as well.
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