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Is ther Anti-virus program or minor uilities application that I should have for my new MBP?

Thanks & Happy New Year : )
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  • kenny831kenny831 Member Posts: 266
    Congrats on snagging a new MBP!

    If you want an Anti-virus app you might as well get it free. Clamxav is a free mac Anti-virus app. There seems to be only proof of concept crap viruses for Macs right now (in the wild)- you have to hold its hand to have it installed on your system, when it installs, it does nothing.

    VLC is a video player that will play any format of video,this is also free.

    Cocktail is a pretty cool utility. It costs $14.95.

    If you do not like Safari, you can give Firefox a try.

    Neo office is a Microsoft Office compatible freebie.

    You can find these and more at
  • kenny831kenny831 Member Posts: 266
    Here is a list that was started in '03 from some real Mac gurus (or wannabe gurus). The last entry was in Oct '09.

    Your top 5 (or so) freeware/shareware apps for OS X? - MacNN Forums
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    A MAC needs Anti-Virus? I think as long as you don't go to dark places on the Internet you should be fine.
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    I heard that if you run a virus on a Mac, a rainbow will appear outside your window.
  • veritas_libertasveritas_libertas Member Posts: 5,746 ■■■■■■■■■■
    dynamik wrote: »
    I heard that if you run a virus on a Mac, that a rainbow will appear outside your window.

    Hmm, I might have to try that :D

    With that will probably come the annoying MAC guy from the commercials with a Leprechaun hat...
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    The first thing i did when work gave me a 15.4'' unibody MBP was to enable bootcamp.

    The second thing I did was install Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Never looked back.
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